Band members

Born & bread in Edinburgh, Malcy has got

chippy sauce running through his veins and

Castle rock in his bones. After completing his ALCM diplomas for cello and academic music, and receiving a distinction for ABRSM Grade VIII piano at school, Malcy went on to study the cello at the Royal Northern College of Music. Outside of fiddlers, Malcy plays in a variety of classical solo, chamber, and orchestral settings, such the RNCM flagship orchestra, and the Merlin Duo. Malcy has performed solo concertos with, "Scottish Symponia" playing Elagar's cello concerto , and the "RNCM Brass Band", premiering a newly written concerto. Malcy also plays lead uke m8.      

Malcy G: A.K.A Malcolm Goodare

Born & bread in both Edinburgh

and Slovenia, Mark has a unique

concoction of chippy sauce, and brinjevec in his blood stream. He began playing mainly electric guitar, before turning his main attention to classical in his teenage years, getting lessons from the nationally revered Philip Thorne, and earning a place to study classical guitar at the Royal Northern College of music. Outside the band, Mark is particularly interested in composition and chamber music, playing in guitar trios and in the merlin duo with malcy. Mark still plays electric guitar, notably along side Aly in their band "moto sono". He also won the famous champagne prize in the RNCM salon competition. 

The Frog Man: A.K.A Mark

Recently escaped form Edinburgh zoo, this rabid

fiddler is highly dangerous and should be reported,

or put down on site. Due to the high levels of chippy

sauce in it's blood, it can only be taken down with a bullet of a glaswegian chip covered in vinegar. At school, Rob  achieved ABRSM grade VIII distinctions on Violin and Piano, as well as completing  an ALCM diploma in music composition, and receiving £2000 pounds for the second place prize in the "Martyn Bennett prize for traditional music" composition competition for his piece, "three tunes from outer space". Outside fiddlers, Rob is currently composing and fiddlin away in various bands, including, the "Dr Reel good ceilidh band", "Tinderbox orchestra", and the "PukeKing & the Crab" hip hop project.         

Crab: A.K.A Rob Taylor

Like the rest of the troops, Aly

was born and bread in

Edinburgh, and has been

mortal enemies with his twin brother Callum ever since. At school Aly got his ABRSM grade VIII distinction on cello, was principle cello of the Edinburgh Secondary schools orchestra, and successfully auditioned for the Royal Conservatoire of  Scotland . Aly plays in a great variety of classical music settings, including various chamber groups and orchestras. He is currently preparing for a solo performance of the Hydn cello concerto in C with the RCS chamber orchestra. As well as playing cello, and banjo in fiddlers, the gator is a skilled piano player, songwriter, and singer, playing along side Mark in their band "moto sono".   

(Aly)Gator: A.K.A Alasdair Morton - Teng 

Twin brother, and life long rival to Aly,

Callum began his studies playing classical

fiddle and piano, before picking up the

mandolin as a teenager. He has not

stopped serenading mobsters with his

tremolo since. Callum is currently studying traditional Scottish music at the Royal conservatoire  of Scotland, as well as working for live music now, with his Mandolin and Guitar Duet. Other than beastin out blazin Celtic trad, Callum mainly concentrates on classical mandolin and blue grass, which has taken him all the way to Nashville Tennessee! Callum still plays the fiddle and piano.      

Cally G: A.K.A Callum Morton -Teng

About the band

All members of fiddlers on the ramp were deeply fortunate to get the chance to study at the City of Edinburgh Music School at Broughton high school, one of Scotland's four, non fee paying music schools. This is how they became band mates and life long bros.

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